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Saving a Lost Generation

You, our next generation of American adults, should have the right to a safe home, where you are surrounded by people who love you. But instead, 1.7 million of you are escaping your family homes in search of a place where you are free to live the you are supposed to live. Sure, most of you eventually return home, perhaps because your search leads you to a dead end. But thousands of you leave your family homes permanently. Thousands of you, who are still transitioning into adulthood, are experiencing an animal-like life on the streets. Even at age 15, or younger.

Survey Yields Insights on Washington DC Homeless Youth

Back in February, DC Councilmembers Jim Graham and Michael Brown introduced a bill that would, among other things, give us a better fix on who is homeless in the District and what services are — and ought to be — available for them.

Nothing’s happened with the bill, so far as I can tell, since the hearing in June.

But something has happened to address the main focus of the hearing — unaccompanied homeless youth.

How Much Does Single-Mother Poverty Cost our Nation?

My posting on the plight of single-mother families prompted commenter Glenda to ask a really good question: “Do you have any data … on our total public costs to continue to support single mothers living in poverty rather than investing in helping them to get educated and become self-sufficient?” I replied as best I could at […]

We Should Keep Kids in School. Longer.

Recently, our education secretary lobbied for longer school days. When I think of longer school days the first thing that comes to mind is “nothing good ever happens after midnight.” This comment was from a sportswriter talking about athletes getting into trouble, but I think it apples to fourth through eighth grade students as well, […]

Eight Simple Rules to Effective Low-Income Tutoring

So what would an effective tutoring program look like for low-income students? Isn’t it a pipe dream to think that low-income students can get the same quality tutoring that wealthy students will shell out upwards of $60 per hour to receive? It’s not a pipe dream; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. In […]

How Not to Tutor Low-Income Students

Most people would probably agree that low-income students deserve tutoring. The more pressing question is how do we provide low-income students with the same quality tutoring their wealthier peers can afford? Historically, low-income elementary and middle schools provide tutoring in two forms: classroom teachers staying after school and local college students volunteering through “homework clubs.” […]