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But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Homelessness and other societal issues cannot simply be cropped or photoshopped out of our lives. We must face them head on.

Legalize Pot, Increase Homelessness

It seems to me that, if every state legalized cannabis, then the incentive to migrate to another state would end.

School Kids and Homelessness Should Not Mix

Unfortunately, 1.1 million American school children call homeless shelters, vehicles on the streets, and even the streets, home. They certainly won’t be bringing apples to their teachers. The barriers that homelessness imposes upon school kids are significant.

What Does it Really Mean to be “Vulnerable”?

Vulnerable. It’s a word we often use to describe the clients our programs target—individuals who have serious health, mental health, and substance abuse challenges; who are frequent utilizers of hospitals and emergency rooms; and who are at high risk of dying on the streets. Veterans, seniors, families, and youth also often fall into that category. But, when we’re talking about more than 650,000 homeless people in our country, what does “vulnerable” really mean?

Saving a Lost Generation

You, our next generation of American adults, should have the right to a safe home, where you are surrounded by people who love you. But instead, 1.7 million of you are escaping your family homes in search of a place where you are free to live the you are supposed to live. Sure, most of you eventually return home, perhaps because your search leads you to a dead end. But thousands of you leave your family homes permanently. Thousands of you, who are still transitioning into adulthood, are experiencing an animal-like life on the streets. Even at age 15, or younger.

Survey Yields Insights on Washington DC Homeless Youth

Back in February, DC Councilmembers Jim Graham and Michael Brown introduced a bill that would, among other things, give us a better fix on who is homeless in the District and what services are — and ought to be — available for them.

Nothing’s happened with the bill, so far as I can tell, since the hearing in June.

But something has happened to address the main focus of the hearing — unaccompanied homeless youth.

How Much Does Single-Mother Poverty Cost our Nation?

My posting on the plight of single-mother families prompted commenter Glenda to ask a really good question: “Do you have any data … on our total public costs to continue to support single mothers living in poverty rather than investing in helping them to get educated and become self-sufficient?” I replied as best I could at […]

We Should Keep Kids in School. Longer.

Recently, our education secretary lobbied for longer school days. When I think of longer school days the first thing that comes to mind is “nothing good ever happens after midnight.” This comment was from a sportswriter talking about athletes getting into trouble, but I think it apples to fourth through eighth grade students as well, […]

Eight Simple Rules to Effective Low-Income Tutoring

So what would an effective tutoring program look like for low-income students? Isn’t it a pipe dream to think that low-income students can get the same quality tutoring that wealthy students will shell out upwards of $60 per hour to receive? It’s not a pipe dream; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. In […]

How Not to Tutor Low-Income Students

Most people would probably agree that low-income students deserve tutoring. The more pressing question is how do we provide low-income students with the same quality tutoring their wealthier peers can afford? Historically, low-income elementary and middle schools provide tutoring in two forms: classroom teachers staying after school and local college students volunteering through “homework clubs.” […]