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Homeless College Students: Free Tuition? How About Free Housing?

The cost of higher tuition in America’s higher learning institutions is actually causing a more dramatic consequence on many of our country’s college students… more and more university students are going to bed hungry or are actually homeless.

House Calls for People Without Homes

So our experienced outreach workers compassionately, patiently, tenderly, work with these people, day after day, in the search for housing.

Poverty in America: Living on $7.28 Per Day

I think CNN’s Anthony Bourdain needs to write a guide on how to live in America on $7.28 per day.

Is a Country Considered Rich if 20 Percent of its Children are Poor?

We have billionaires and millionaires in our country. Who cares that one-fifth of our children are floundering in poverty? Who needs to know that most cities in America have people living on their streets?

DC Mayor’s Budget Would Punish TANF Families for Program’s Failures

How would you like to try living on $275 a month — and in the District of Columbia no less? Inconceivable for a single person. What then for a single mother with two kids?

Under Mayor Gray’s proposed budget, more than 6,100 families in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program will lose a fifth of their meager cash benefits come October — this on top of the same sized-cut imposed last April.

Housing First is not Welfare Housing

I was on the top floor of a downtown highrise talking with a corporate executive about the strategic impact of placing homeless persons in apartments that are supported with physical and mental health care, what many call today “Housing First.”

“No longer will our homeless neighbors languish on the streets,” I explained to him. “Or for that matter, will even have to hunker down in a homeless shelter.”

Broken Social Safety Net is Making Americans Sick

I work within a few office spaces away from a waiting room filled to the brim with people that are so impoverished they have resorted to living on the streets. Those of us on the front lines battling homelessness in America know that the so-called American social safety net is tattered.

An incredulous gasp is my only response when a presidential candidate, worth a quarter of a billion dollars, publicly states on national television that this country has a “very ample safety net” for poor Americans.

Welfare Expenditures at Strip Clubs Underscore Rationality of the Poor

A new bill being floated in the US House of Representatives aims to abolish a loop-hole that allows cash-aid welfare recipients to use welfare benefits at strip clubs and casinos. As reported by Politico, the bill, introduced by Republican Representative Charles Boustany is intended to prevent the “fraudulent misuse of funds” in the government’s welfare program.

Sounds pretty serious. So how big of a problem is this?

Apparently, it’s not a big problem at all. In California, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger enforced an executive order prohibiting casinos from accepting welfare benefits as payment. His order was in response to this LA Times expose on the unintended use of benefits.

Let’s Recall Poverty Before the Safety Net

Huffington Post blogger Dan Morgan looks back nearly 50 years to tell us what poverty was like in his early reporting days.

This is an important, timely post because it reminds us of how poor people lived — and died — before the creation of today’s safety net.

Here in the District of Columbia, Morgan found “people living in basement apartments with dirt floors. Many were hungry, cold and short of coal for stoves. Some children were staying home because they had no shoes.”

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Safety Net Keeps Fraying

Safety nets are supposed to catch people when they fall so they don’t crash to the ground. So too with what we call safety net programs. We have created them so that people don’t land in desperate poverty. We’d thus expect safety net programs to catch more people when the economy tanks, as it did […]