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What Does it Really Mean to be “Vulnerable”?

Vulnerable. It’s a word we often use to describe the clients our programs target—individuals who have serious health, mental health, and substance abuse challenges; who are frequent utilizers of hospitals and emergency rooms; and who are at high risk of dying on the streets. Veterans, seniors, families, and youth also often fall into that category. But, when we’re talking about more than 650,000 homeless people in our country, what does “vulnerable” really mean?

Washington DC Gets top Rating for Risks of Increased Homelessness

The District of Columbia has achieved the dubious distinction of beingrated as a jurisdiction with the highest level of vulnerability to increased homelessness. Only three states got as high a rating from the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Should this set off alarm bells? Probably, though the people who need to hear them don’t seem to be listening to alarms already sounded.