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Homeless Lives Matter

Alex, who has been homeless for years, should not be worried about being set on fire while he sleeps on the streets. And, he should not be worried about his next meal or where he will sleep tonight.

Should They Be Grateful?

I wonder if we, who are providing the compassion for people who are homeless, have everything backwards. We sometimes feel like those we are helping should be grateful. We think they should send us sweet words of thanks, to make us feel good.

Je Suis Homeless

I was homeless.

Is Today the Day that I Die?

Even now, living on the streets of America, I sometimes wonder…
…is today the day that I die?

Could Ending Homelessness Reduce Crime?

He lived in his car tucked alongside a gentrified residential street just blocks from the Pacific Ocean. He was an unknown person, like most of the people living on the streets, until he was accused of an atrocious crime: mowing down innocent people who were simply strolling along a world-renowned beach, and running over people […]

Shooting, Stabbing, Burning, and Beating: The Risks of Homelessness

The recent Aurora, Colorado massacre, and the senseless deaths and mayhem it caused, has placed a sobering cloud over our country. In the wake of this devastating tragedy, many may have missed the news of another human calamity that occurred in the greater Los Angeles area. A man from Santa Barbara, California, hunted down people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, stabbed them with a hunting knife, and placed a typed death warrant on their bodies.

Fortunately, in this case, no one died.

Letter to the Orange County District Attorney Regarding the Arrest of the Suspected Homeless Serial Killer

Editor’s note: The following is a letter that Dr. Mary McLaughlin sent to Orange County, California District Attorney Tony Rackauckas regarding the recent arrest of Marine Corps Veteran Itzcoatl Ocampo, who is suspected in the murders of four homeless men.

District Attorney Rackauckas:

I am a rehabilitation psychologist. My areas of specialty are psychiatric disabilities and brain injuries. I interned on the Psychology Service at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Syracuse, New York and I work with chronically homeless people.

Bashing the Homeless: When Pinkberry Becomes Punkberry

What is this country coming to when a guy in a car chases down a homeless man and pounds him with a tire iron, just because they exchanged angry words? Sounds like the old Wild West where guns were the primary mode of justice, or today’s drug cartels terrorizing its people just south of America.

You would think the guy in the car was some young, angry teenage male wanting to harm homeless Americans just for the thrill of it, a sad trend in this country.

Police Officers and Homeless Persons Both Risk Death

Despite boasting temperate weather that many in the world envy, Southern California has been anything but temperate this summer. Two acts of violence in a span of a month have raised a national uproar, with one tragic incident perpetrated against a police officer, and another sickening act incited by a group of police officers.

Just this month, Jeremy Henwood, a San Diego police officer who spent several heroic tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, sat in his patrol car when a disturbed 23 year-old pulled up next to him. In just mere moments the 23 year-old pulled out a shotgun and ended Jeremy’s life.

The Violent Streets of Homeless America

A couple of years ago I was slated to speak at a conference on homelessness in Las Vegas. After I flew into the airport I caught a taxi, where I sat in the backseat. The driver made the usual conversation, “Where are you from, what brings you to Vegas?” When I explained my journey’s purpose, […]