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Should They Be Grateful?

I wonder if we, who are providing the compassion for people who are homeless, have everything backwards. We sometimes feel like those we are helping should be grateful. We think they should send us sweet words of thanks, to make us feel good.

Homeless Veterans Earned Right to Housing Golden Ticket, Budget Cuts Unpatriotic

There were only five tickets in the whole world, and Mr. Wonka’s marketing strategy was as ingenious as Steve Jobs’ campaign to sell iPads. Hide these golden tickets in the popular Wonka chocolate bars, and everyone on earth will be scrambling to buy that succulent bar of sugar. Sure enough, with such small inventory of […]

Helping the Chronically Homeless Stay Right on Mark

While sitting at a stop sign, minding my own business, two men drove by and flipped me off.  I have no idea why – I did nothing to them.  Perhaps they passed judgment based on my appearance, my car, or perhaps my “Life is good” bumper sticker. The incident reminded me of how often people […]