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What Does The End of 2016 Mean For Homelessness?

Five years ago, I wrote a blog piece wondering how our country would respond to homelessness if Donald Trump was elected President. That was in 2011 when almost everyone thought a Trump Presidency was simply all talk. However, in just a few weeks, President Trump becomes a reality – and not a reality TV show, […]

Are We Camouflaging Homelessness by Giving Tents?

Perhaps, if we give away tents to everyone on the streets, we could hide them. We would just see their shadows. It is hard to put a face on a shadow. Shadows are easier to stereotype. They are easier to forget after we drive by them. Shadows sleeping in a pup tent are easier to label as lazy, drunks, or criminals.

Ending Poverty: Is the Solution Just Paying Cash?

If we fail to continue to provide programs that address poverty, more people will end up living on our streets. It’s not as simple as a cash handout. We need to do more.

Is Today the Day that I Die?

Even now, living on the streets of America, I sometimes wonder…
…is today the day that I die?

A Thread of Decency

It is amazing what the loss of a job can do to you.

Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Saved, But Scaled Back

So the Republicans and Democrats agreed on a deal to extend long-term unemployment insurance benefits — defying predictions of another cliffhanger or worse.

Also extended, as you’ve probably read, were the employee payroll tax cut and the “doc fix” to avert huge cuts in Medicare reimbursements. As you may not have read, some programs for low-income people got a new, temporary lease on life as well.

Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Need More Than Extension

Huffington Post blogger Arthur Delaney has been hammering on an important fact about the just-passed temporary extension of long-term unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. It won’t fully extend benefits for everyone who’s getting them now.

By the time the temporary extension expires, workers in 11 states will have lost their benefits, he writes, even though they won’t have reached the maximum they’d have been entitled to in early December.

More than Half a Million Jobs Lost if Federal Unemployment Benefits Expire

I’m not acutely distressed by the fact that Super Committee members couldn’t cut a deal.

The Democrats had moved so far to the right that whatever deal got enough Republicans on board would probably have been worse than the automatic spending cuts the no-deal will trigger — assuming Congress lets them happen.

In one respect, however, the stalemate disappoints me.

With Five Unemployed People for Each Job, Cartoonist Suggests new American Enterprise

Editor’s note: With high unemployment and low job-growth, cartoonist Jack Compere highlights the hypocrisy of those who yell “get a job” at out of work people struggling to make ends meet in a dirth of opportunity.

Most Recent Jobs Figures Show Need to Extend Long-Term Unemployment Benefits

Another month, another bad jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You’ve probably already read the top-line figures, but maybe not all these.

The unemployment rate is still stuck at 9.1%. Nearly 14 million people officially unemployed last month — about the same as in August.

An additional 1 million who looked for work during the past 12 months but gave up because they felt it was futile. Presumably lots who gave up earlier and so didn’t get counted as “discouraged.”