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An American Umbrella Revolution

Wouldn’t it be amazing if America’s youth demanded a change of status quo for homeless Americans? Wouldn’t it be incredible if America’s youth revolted against a society that allows for such inequity?

Share Your Success Stories of Helping People Secure Housing on February 24th

This thought was rolling around in my head waiting for expression and then I read “Homeless Counts Should Be Counting Backwards” and it kicked me into gear.

I speak in public all the time and am occasionally told that it doesn’t seem that any of us (homeless services providers) are making a difference. I am asked “Why should I think you’re effective? I still see too many homeless people on my way to work or way home.”

Evidence that Blogging Does Matter

Last Friday I wrote a post questioning whether blogging, particularly my own writing, has any value in the social sector. I received a lot of great comments and examples of blogging leading to actual social change. I’ll first share some of those comments and then further clarify my own thinking and evolving position on this topic.

Carey Fuller shared some of her blogging successes, writing “If it hadn’t been for blogging, I wouldn’t have been able to raise funds to put a homeless vet dying of pancreatic cancer into a motel or collect camping gear for homeless youth to survive through winter.”

Street Vendors Should Tweet, Even the Poor Ones

This year, the world has been captivated with the revolutions in the Middle East. Not surprisingly, the driving force behind the uprising has been the people themselves, leveraging the Internet and social media to communicate with each other and promote their message to the world. It’s obvious that social media is spreading, and the Internet […]

American Click-Activism Will not end Homelessness

It is so easy. Click, click. Point. Tag. Retweet. Just a few motions with my index finger and I am changing the world. Press that “like” button. Join that Facebook group. In a fraction of a second, I am saving the environment from the industrial complex. I’m providing clean water to a thirsty world. I […]