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Why Don’t We Create Sheltered Neighborhoods?

For more than two decades, I have led a homeless services and housing development agency that was started here in Los Angeles. I have seen dozens of plans, initiatives, policies, ordinances and lawsuits designed to address homelessness. And yet, our communities continue to be inundated with people living on our streets. Ironically, nearly every stakeholder […]

Building More Housing: NIMBY Should Be PMBY

The major issue today is finding neighborhoods that will allow us to set up shelters, services, or permanent housing in their backyards.

Is Eliminating Homeless Shelters a War Against Compassion?

Give a person a real home – a studio apartment would suffice – with regular supportive services, and you have ended homelessness, at least for that one person. Clearly, an apartment is way better than a shelter bed.

Convert Prisons to Homeless Shelters?

People like Clark, who have been sleeping on the streets for years, need an immediate housing solution… tonight. A bridge to a shelter bed that could very well be a former prison.

Brrr… It Is Cold…

Cold weather is fun, unless you are without a home.

WWJD with Homelessness?

Along with spandex shorts, Pokémon, SUVs, and those black leather Doc Marten boots, the 1990s gave the masses a simple bracelet with four letters: WWJD. For people of Christian faith, this popular motto meant, “What Would Jesus Do?” If you encounter some persistent temptation, those four letters are a reminder to help you make the […]