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Pity Goes Both Ways

I am homeless, but I don’t I need your pity. Not even if I am a 66-year-old man, perched on the edge of the curb and looking like I should be in convalescent care. Or an anxious young mother, barely old enough to drive, sitting in a beat-up old car with a baby in the back seat. I don’t need, or want, your pity.

Homeless-ism: A New Kind of Bigotry

Sure, the new approach to addressing homelessness is to show cost-savings to society. If we get you off the street, we save money by no longer paying for your emergency room bills and law enforcement encounters. But that doesn’t really address the quiet, underlying attitude of bigotry. We can still dislike you while helping you get off the streets. The truth is, we just don’t want to see you anymore.