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Is There a Homelessness Effect With LAPD Homeless Response?

. . . lawsuits and ordinances are becoming the weapons of choice for addressing homelessness. Advocates for people experiencing homelessness are battling with city officials and their proposed ordinances designed to “clean up” the streets.

Homeless or Criminal?

But then the parties started. Out came the drugs. Cars pulled up and Harry’s new neighbors sidled up alongside them, negotiating with the drivers. His street had become a swap meet for illegal substances.

Icy Invasions at Homeless Shelters

If you are lucky enough to have a home, you don’t want a criminal lurking in your neighborhood. And if you’re unlucky enough to be homeless, you don’t want a criminal sleeping next to you in a homeless shelter.

Fixing Broken Windows Doesn’t fix Broken People

Recently, one of the fathers of the broken window theory on fighting crime passed away. Most criminologists thought James Q. Wilson was the guru of law enforcement agencies around the country for his well-known work on community policing.

Along with co-author George L. Kelling, Wilson proposed that in order for a community to prevent major crime like murder or robbery, neighborhoods needed to reduce minor crime, like broken windows and graffiti. It made sense. If a neighborhood doesn’t respond to a window that is broken from thrown rocks, criminals see such neglect as a welcome mat for crime.

Police Officers and Homeless Persons Both Risk Death

Despite boasting temperate weather that many in the world envy, Southern California has been anything but temperate this summer. Two acts of violence in a span of a month have raised a national uproar, with one tragic incident perpetrated against a police officer, and another sickening act incited by a group of police officers.

Just this month, Jeremy Henwood, a San Diego police officer who spent several heroic tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, sat in his patrol car when a disturbed 23 year-old pulled up next to him. In just mere moments the 23 year-old pulled out a shotgun and ended Jeremy’s life.