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Homeless Agencies: Growing Bigger and Smaller at the Same Time

Being an agency that grows bigger and smaller at the same time is, in my opinion, a realistic way to ensure effective services.

Tough Love or Tough Luck?

Those of us who have been operating emergency homeless programs for decades sometimes still struggle with the idea of letting people get a “free ride.” But, if our true mission truly is to house people no matter what, then softening the toughness in our love for people on the streets is simply the best approach.

Are Homelessness Agencies the New Future?

The future is homelessness service providers stepping up as the adaptive initiators that just might finally end homelessness, like so many policymakers and think-leaders set out to do ten years ago.

Shout Out!

Sometimes, I wish I had a venue to scream a shout-out at the top of my lungs so that everyone could hear about the amazing people who are working to end homelessness for themselves and others.

Is There a Homeless Industrial Complex That Perpetuates Homelessness?

In recent years, the approach to homelessness dramatically changed from how to “manage” homelessness to how to “end” homelessness. This was not merely an alteration of semantics, but a systematic change in how to allocate the limited resources that were spent every year on America’s growing homelessness problem.

Are Rich Charities Getting Richer, While Poor Charities Become Poorer?

I am no longer surprised when I receive an email from a nonprofit group announcing their dissolution of operations. More and more charity groups are going out of business. Typically, these organizations are small, with little capacity to weather this current economic storm.

Charity Impossible: Do America’s Charities Need Rescuing?

Robert Irvine charges in like a bull in a fine dining establishment, except the restaurant in need of rescuing is not fine. In fact, typically it’s failing. His television show on Food Network, Restaurant: Impossible, showcases Irvine’s talent for reviving dying eateries with a change of interior, menu, branding and, of course, food. At the end of each episode, the nearly-shuttered restaurant becomes a successful, vibrant community eating space. Does the charity world need a similar hero?

Study Finds Resistance to Homeless Management Information System Adoption

A study released in the March issue of Cityscape, a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) publication, investigated adoption of the Homeless Information Management System (HMIS) amongst a sample group of homeless providing agencies. HMIS is a national HUD initiative to streamline information sharing across homeless service providers. The idea is that better information sharing decreases duplication […]

How Social Entrepreneurs are Improving Lives and Changing the World

I sat in my chair riveted for the whole day listening to these idealistic, technologically savvy leaders of companies and non-governmental organizations describe how they are literally changing this world. The speakers were this country’s next generation of executives, influenced by role models like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Bono, creating life changing products of […]

Why Nonprofit Technology Sucks

On Monday Joel argued that technology has a role to play in helping people lift themselves out of poverty by connecting them to services and one another.  As the founder of a technology social enterprise myself I could not agree with this sentiment more. However, while Joel laments that non-profit technology does not hold a […]