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Building More Housing: NIMBY Should Be PMBY

The major issue today is finding neighborhoods that will allow us to set up shelters, services, or permanent housing in their backyards.

The War On Homelessness

Despite unprecedented national efforts, homelessness still feels like a turf battle. You could call it a war.

Dispersing the Homeless through Sonic Blasts is Just Plain Wrong

I’m not surprised anymore when people complain to their council members about homeless people sleeping in the alleys behind their houses, or when homeowners call the police insisting that these people are breaking the law and need to be arrested.

What about angry neighbors who create blogs that post contact information of homeless advocates? Not surprised.

Are the Belongings of our Homeless Neighbor’s Junk?

Sadly, the plight of homelessness in America is being reduced to a toxic battle over trash on the streets.

Communities used to struggle over the fact that people were sleeping in doorways of businesses and in parks where children played. Then, there were the clashes over old recreational vehicles being used as make-shift homes for people who were homeless.