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Is Society Crazy For Not Doing Enough For People With Mental Illness?

To me, a just society is one that provides housing for everyone, even those whose mental health issues prevent them from acknowledging that they need help

Did Reagan’s Crazy Mental Health Policies Cause Today’s Homelessness?

It is getting crazy out there, and these two people were not even dealing with the added pressure of living on the streets. Within our country’s homeless population, a quarter of a million people—or one-third of the homeless population—struggle with some sort of mental illness.

Helping the Chronically Homeless Stay Right on Mark

While sitting at a stop sign, minding my own business, two men drove by and flipped me off.  I have no idea why – I did nothing to them.  Perhaps they passed judgment based on my appearance, my car, or perhaps my “Life is good” bumper sticker. The incident reminded me of how often people […]