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Political Homeless Numbers: Can We Count On It?

In a city filled with hundreds of thousands of millionaires, does it really matter that instead of 54,000, we have 36,000 people squandering on our streets like animals?

Where is the Homeless Capital of America?

Which city actually deserves the inglorious distinction of “Homeless Capital of America”? Who is the winner of this human tragedy?… Sadly, the real losers here are the people struggling on our nation’s streets.

A Million Reasons Why Los Angeles Could End Homelessness

But the answer to homelessness in this angelic city is right in front of us. We simply need to assign two millionaires to each person experiencing homelessness, and we are done. We could call it the “Two-For-One” program.

Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles: Top 10 Highlights from 2013

10 signs that angelic efforts are on the way in Los Angeles to reduce homelessness, despite the debate over public feeding, homelessness in their public libraries and Union Train Station, and the fact that the region has 58,000 people who are homeless.

It’s a Jungle Out There

I wonder if, when Sinclair was writing about his country’s “jungle” conditions, he was penning a description of the past, or a prophetic picture of the future? Sounds like both.

Could Ending Homelessness Reduce Crime?

He lived in his car tucked alongside a gentrified residential street just blocks from the Pacific Ocean. He was an unknown person, like most of the people living on the streets, until he was accused of an atrocious crime: mowing down innocent people who were simply strolling along a world-renowned beach, and running over people […]

Amanda: You Are Not Alone

Dear Amanda Bynes, You’re not alone. Other people have been through this.

Ten Tweets on Ending Homelessness for L.A.’s New Mayor

Here are 10 tweets you can copy and paste to tell Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti you want him to end homelessness in the City of Angels.

That Cough Could Be Deadly, Especially If You’re Homeless

It sounds like the plot of a Michael Crichton novel. A deadly strain of tuberculosis infects thousands of people in a large metropolis, the vast majority of whom are homeless individuals living on the streets.

I wish this scenario was a work of fiction. Unfortunately, it’s not.

2012’s Top Ten Steps Toward Ending Homelessness

With homelessness still rampant throughout our country, a top ten list about how this country is working its way toward ending homelessness certainly affects most Americans. Here are the Top Ten Steps this country made toward ending homelessness in 2012.