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Can You Picture The Brady Bunch Living in an Apartment?

In Los Angeles today, those 1970s families would need to earn almost $70,000 per year just to rent an apartment. I can’t picture the Brady household – two parents, six kids, a housekeeper and dog – all living in an apartment in San Fernando Valley.

No Child Left On Our Streets

How does our country allow more than one million school children to be homeless? And how many more children are homeless, and do not attend school at all?

Bad Joke: Nickelodeon Show Makes fun of Homelessness

When I was 19 years old, I was organizing my college friends to help tutor children of Southeast Asians who found refuge in America, and was delivering donated food to hungry Americans stuck in impoverished neighborhoods in Southern California. Decades later, I empathize with young Egyptians who put their ideals of justice into actual action. […]

We Should Keep Kids in School. Longer.

Recently, our education secretary lobbied for longer school days. When I think of longer school days the first thing that comes to mind is “nothing good ever happens after midnight.” This comment was from a sportswriter talking about athletes getting into trouble, but I think it apples to fourth through eighth grade students as well, […]

Eight Simple Rules to Effective Low-Income Tutoring

So what would an effective tutoring program look like for low-income students? Isn’t it a pipe dream to think that low-income students can get the same quality tutoring that wealthy students will shell out upwards of $60 per hour to receive? It’s not a pipe dream; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. In […]

How Not to Tutor Low-Income Students

Most people would probably agree that low-income students deserve tutoring. The more pressing question is how do we provide low-income students with the same quality tutoring their wealthier peers can afford? Historically, low-income elementary and middle schools provide tutoring in two forms: classroom teachers staying after school and local college students volunteering through “homework clubs.” […]