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Can You Picture The Brady Bunch Living in an Apartment?

In Los Angeles today, those 1970s families would need to earn almost $70,000 per year just to rent an apartment. I can’t picture the Brady household – two parents, six kids, a housekeeper and dog – all living in an apartment in San Fernando Valley.

Is “Working Poor” an Oxymoron?

It just doesn’t make sense to be “working poor.” To put it simply: if you are working 30 hours per week, you should earn enough to be able to support your family.

A Thread of Decency

It is amazing what the loss of a job can do to you.

Are Advocates too Quick to Judge the Homeless Hotspot Controversy?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the “homeless hotspot” controversy by now. In short, a Manhattan advertising agency provided free mobile hotspots to 13 homeless individuals interested in selling access to the Internet at SXSW in Austin, TX.

Critics around the world, myself included, snapped to judgment. I immediately took offense to the “I am a 4G hotspot” t-shirt gimmick that exploited the homeless and triggered an array of discriminatory comments on the radio and Internet.

New Reports Show Widespread Economic Insecurity in America

The latest Census reports sparked a lot of media attention to poverty in America — the issue’s annual 15 minutes of fame.

No surprise to anyone that the poverty rate rose last year — even when measured by the very low poverty thresholds based on food costs.

Why Homeless People are not Working – or Working and Homeless Anyway

The unemployment rate is higher — stuck at about 9%. The number of jobless people actively looking has increased from 13.2 million to nearly 13.9 million.

And the economy has shed about 1.3 million more jobs. It would need to create more than 11 million to bring the unemployment rate back down to when the recession set in.

So one reason homeless people don’t get jobs is the same as the reason millions of housed people don’t. There just aren’t enough jobs out there.

With Five Unemployed People for Each Job, Cartoonist Suggests new American Enterprise

Editor’s note: With high unemployment and low job-growth, cartoonist Jack Compere highlights the hypocrisy of those who yell “get a job” at out of work people struggling to make ends meet in a dirth of opportunity.

Chronic Homelessness Means Chronic Joblessness

Everyone is talking about jobs, from Steve Jobs resigning from Apple to the dearth of jobs in last month’s jobs report.

As summer comes to an end, political leaders tout their employment success or promote some soft of new jobs program to mask declining employment. This year is no different.

Workers Wanted, but Only if Working

If you need a job, they don’t want you. Period.

For about a month this spring, NELP reviewed job postings on four of the biggest online sites. It looked for postings identified by employer or staffing agency while also, it says, “seeking a diverse sample from across the United States.” This, I take it, means that it didn’t look at all postings from an identifiable source.

Employer Tax Holiday Won’t Jump Start Hiring

The White House seems well aware that the upcoming Presidential election will pivot on the economy — and more specifically, the unemployment rate. Prospects for a spontaneous burst of growth are too dim to see with the naked eye.

But the President and his people are understandably wary of proposing anything that could be labeled stimulus spending.