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Homeless Numbers Can Be Tricky

Is the number of people living on our streets going up, or going down?

Are Hurting People Entitled to Assistance?

We are a country that embraces its “rights.” We have the right to speak our minds, to worship any god, to defend our homes, to wield a gun. We have the right to not be discriminated against because of the color of our skin. But what about the right to be helped when we are […]

A Small Way to End Homelessness

Building smaller just makes sense. Wouldn’t you rather live in a 10’ by 15’ home, with a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a roof over my head, than spend the night in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk?

Happy Holidays (Even if You are Homeless)!

Giving special gifts to our loved ones and friends is part of this wonderful holiday season. Giving to those in need is also part of the season’s joy.

Do People Experiencing Homelessness Deserve to be Exiled?

I have an idea: Instead of sending people who are homeless into shelters or camps outside of the city, maybe we should exile the leaders who caused this problem in the first place.

E Pluribus Nada

E Pluribus Nada – Cartoon by Jack Compere, cartoonist at the Corvallis Advocate http://corvallisvanities.blogspot.com/

How HomeTown Became HomeLess

Once upon a time, there was a large, bustling city called HomeTown that was hit by a devastating earthquake.

Point That Finger Somewhere Else

Is our struggling economy the culprit? There just isn’t enough money to spend on helping people who live on our streets. We can barely fund our police officers and firefighters. Teachers are being laid off and city workers are being furloughed. Maybe it’s easier to blame others than to figure out how to fund more housing….

Tomorrow: The Days After Thanksgiving

Out of 365 days a year spent sleeping on the streets, Thanksgiving must be one of the best—a full stomach, real conversation with other people, and celebrities and politicians providing the royal treatment. But after the trays of turkey and bowls of mashed potatoes are empty, after all the volunteers return to their families to celebrate a “real” Thanksgiving meal, the magic of Thanksgiving comes to an end. Tomorrow has come.

When Business and Homelessness Collide

I was sitting in a downtown business association office, at a polished wooden corporate table, surrounded by plush leather chairs and a daunting row of black and white mug shots of past CEOs presiding over our proceedings. At the table sat local business leaders, neighborhood stakeholders, law enforcement reps, and the Deputy City Attorney. Despite […]