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Home Remedies for Homelessness

We need more creative ideas for how to provide housing for our neighbors who sleep on our streets.

No Child Left On Our Streets

How does our country allow more than one million school children to be homeless? And how many more children are homeless, and do not attend school at all?

Giving House Keys to People Experiencing Homelessness is Not the Only Key

A person’s homelessness will finally end when he or she belongs to a supportive community that embraces him or her as its own.

Can We Trust the Numbers, More or Less?

For the most visible homeless individuals, at least, the numbers seem to be trending down. More or less.

Tough Love or Tough Luck?

Those of us who have been operating emergency homeless programs for decades sometimes still struggle with the idea of letting people get a “free ride.” But, if our true mission truly is to house people no matter what, then softening the toughness in our love for people on the streets is simply the best approach.

Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles: Top 10 Highlights from 2013

10 signs that angelic efforts are on the way in Los Angeles to reduce homelessness, despite the debate over public feeding, homelessness in their public libraries and Union Train Station, and the fact that the region has 58,000 people who are homeless.

Homeless Campgrounds: Once Open, They’re Hard to Close

Perhaps along with building permanent supportive housing, we should also create permanent supportive towns? Then, we would no longer have to clear out tent cities.

Are They Just Fictional Characters In This Drama Called Life?

homeless lies dying on a busy street in the City of Houston, and no one helps him for nearly a day?

Help the Homeless, So We Can All Feel Good

Deterring poverty and homelessness is about changing societal systems that manage homelessness instead of working to end it, and helping those who are already homeless get housed.

Housing First…Transformation Second

They are broken and broke. They don’t have the resources to sustain housing, and have tattered lives with barriers that sometimes seem insurmountable. They may be dependent on substances, overcome by mental illness, or unable to stand on their own without assistance. They’ve fallen through the cracks of a society that has turned its back […]