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Refueling a Passion to Address Poverty

I remember my first encounter with extreme poverty.

Homeless Numbers Can Be Tricky

Is the number of people living on our streets going up, or going down?

Selfies With People Who Are Homeless… Really?

Sometimes our efforts to battle homelessness feel like an uphill struggle, especially when society thinks self-portraits next to suffering people are part of a fun, adventurous game.

Giving House Keys to People Experiencing Homelessness is Not the Only Key

A person’s homelessness will finally end when he or she belongs to a supportive community that embraces him or her as its own.

Can We Trust the Numbers, More or Less?

For the most visible homeless individuals, at least, the numbers seem to be trending down. More or less.

Happy Holidays (Even if You are Homeless)!

Giving special gifts to our loved ones and friends is part of this wonderful holiday season. Giving to those in need is also part of the season’s joy.

Family Values, American Style: An Increase in Homeless Families

If we truly value families, we should set aside our political and philosophical differences and make sure every family has a home.

Let Me Help You

Let me help you. Even though you say you don’t want help. Our street outreach teams visit you regularly, and every day you say “no.” You are happy just the way you are, living under a bridge in the middle of Los Angeles. You say you don’t want shelter. But remember that we will always […]

Found and Lost

Another honest homeless person’s story has caught the attention of the national media. How many times have we heard about someone living on the street who finds a lost wallet, or an engagement ring, and returns it to its rightful owner? Should we be surprised?

It’s a Jungle Out There

I wonder if, when Sinclair was writing about his country’s “jungle” conditions, he was penning a description of the past, or a prophetic picture of the future? Sounds like both.