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What Imprecise Homeless Counts can Actually Teach Us

A couple of weeks ago, David Henderson wrote a piece criticizing the Los Angeles City Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) for failing to report margins of error around its estimate of the size of the Los Angeles Homeless population.

Most likely, as David argued, LAHSA failed to report the statistical error bounds around its estimate because doing so would have revealed that LAHSA could not statistically determine whether homelessness had increased or decreased since its last estimate, collected in 2009.

Homeless Counts and the Politics of Facts

He was the Iraqi Information Minister eight years ago when American troops triumphantly entered the capital city of Baghdad. Like a true public relations spokesperson, “Baghdad Bob” spoke on the television airwaves falsely explaining to his countrymen and the world that everything was fine. History, however, recorded how wrong his assessment was. But boy did […]

We Cannot Count on Homeless Counts to end Homelessness

If you were one of those compassionate Americans wanting to help resolve the sad state of homelessness in this country, you may have woken up hours before sun rise to help your local city count homeless persons. I know how it works. You drag yourself out of bed hours before you typically get up so […]