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Homelessness and Its Many Faces: Sherial’s Story

“Anyone can be homeless. Homelessness is like a prison without the keys. Society needs to care enough to come up with those keys.”

Amanda: You Are Not Alone

Dear Amanda Bynes, You’re not alone. Other people have been through this.

Happy Days to Homeless Days

Now, it is Erin Moran, the cute daughter from the 1970’s TV show Happy Days, who is now an adult struggling with homelessness. What happened? Her on-screen brother, Ron Howard, is a famous producer and director while poor Erin looks like the stereotypical image of homelessness.

The War Against Homeless Sweeps

John used to sit on top of his make-shift encampment like he was the King of the Hill, overlooking the famous lights of Hollywood. Within the homeless community, he was literally called “The Godfather” as if he was Marlon Brando, keeping the family protected. The homeless camp looked more like a staging area for embedded […]

Los Angeles County Supervisor Brings Hope to Hollywood’s Homeless

Written by Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky My alarm went off at 3:00 a.m., rousing me from bed for a trip to Hollywood to participate in a new count of homeless people—one in a series of such surveys conducted in Skid Row and throughout my supervisorial district during the past 2 ½ years. The […]

Bringing Light To Hollywood’s Dim Streets

I wonder if the candles were a sign. Two Patron Saint Candles were flickering in the darkness, perched around the head of a homeless woman who was nestled in a dirty sleeping bag. The woman is one of hundreds of people living on the streets of Hollywood. I’m guessing she thinks the candles will protect […]