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Helping The Homeless Whether They are Naughty or Nice.

If we operate like Santa Claus receiving a wish list from an impoverished person who is looking for food or shelter, what do we do with the “naughty” people? Deny them food, shelter, and housing?

Happy Holidays (Even if You are Homeless)!

Giving special gifts to our loved ones and friends is part of this wonderful holiday season. Giving to those in need is also part of the season’s joy.

Tomorrow: The Days After Thanksgiving

Out of 365 days a year spent sleeping on the streets, Thanksgiving must be one of the best—a full stomach, real conversation with other people, and celebrities and politicians providing the royal treatment. But after the trays of turkey and bowls of mashed potatoes are empty, after all the volunteers return to their families to celebrate a “real” Thanksgiving meal, the magic of Thanksgiving comes to an end. Tomorrow has come.