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Pity Goes Both Ways

I am homeless, but I don’t I need your pity. Not even if I am a 66-year-old man, perched on the edge of the curb and looking like I should be in convalescent care. Or an anxious young mother, barely old enough to drive, sitting in a beat-up old car with a baby in the back seat. I don’t need, or want, your pity.

Bashing the Homeless: When Pinkberry Becomes Punkberry

What is this country coming to when a guy in a car chases down a homeless man and pounds him with a tire iron, just because they exchanged angry words? Sounds like the old Wild West where guns were the primary mode of justice, or today’s drug cartels terrorizing its people just south of America.

You would think the guy in the car was some young, angry teenage male wanting to harm homeless Americans just for the thrill of it, a sad trend in this country.

Media Misinformation Perpetuates the Mistruth that People can be Illegal

In June of this year, Pulitzer Prize winner Jose Antonio Vargas came out as an “undocumented” person in an article he wrote in the New York Times. While many advocates across the country celebrated his incredible strength for doing what he did, his colleagues did very little in their reporting, to prevent using the term that Mr. Vargas had specifically left out of his story, the word “illegal.”

As Colorlines, Monica Novoa wrote the next day, “Vargas’s story drew enormous media attention and drove ‘undocumented immigrant’ up to a top-trending term on Twitter…But it’s a shame that in the dissection and retelling of his story, a fine point has been lost on many of Vargas’s colleagues: He came out specifically as an undocumented immigrant and not as ‘illegal.’”