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Ending Poverty: Is the Solution Just Paying Cash?

If we fail to continue to provide programs that address poverty, more people will end up living on our streets. It’s not as simple as a cash handout. We need to do more.

Are Developing Countries Too Poor to Host International Events?

Should developing countries Invest in a country’s impoverished population, or invest in sports venues?

Is Society Crazy For Not Doing Enough For People With Mental Illness?

To me, a just society is one that provides housing for everyone, even those whose mental health issues prevent them from acknowledging that they need help

Is “Working Poor” an Oxymoron?

It just doesn’t make sense to be “working poor.” To put it simply: if you are working 30 hours per week, you should earn enough to be able to support your family.

A Diet for a Hungry America

I think this country needs a new book that reflects a new way of feeding hungry Americans. Instead of Eat This, Not That! we need Do This, Not That!

E Pluribus Nada

E Pluribus Nada – Cartoon by Jack Compere, cartoonist at the Corvallis Advocate http://corvallisvanities.blogspot.com/

Ten Tweets on Ending Homelessness for L.A.’s New Mayor

Here are 10 tweets you can copy and paste to tell Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti you want him to end homelessness in the City of Angels.

Is the Federal Government Misdirecting Homelessness Funds?

Sometimes creating solutions to difficult problems just requires a bit of common sense. If you need to reduce credit card debt, design a personal budget where you spend less than you earn. If you want to lose weight, create a diet where you burn more calories than you consume. On a national level, the same […]

Add “Ending Homelessness” to Your Portfolio

In England, they are called Social Impact Bonds. Here in the states, they would be called Pay For Success Bonds. The simple explanation is that the federal government would issue “social bonds” that private investors could purchase. The money would be invested in social programs that show a cost savings to society. If programs meet their goals, investors get a return on their investment.

House Ways and Means Shifts Costs, Wipes Out Services Grants

I wouldn’t want to leave the impression that the House Agriculture Committee’s attack on the food stamp program was the only threat to low-income people spawned by the Republican majority’s effort to protect defense spending.

The Ways and Means Committee also had to find more savings — $53 billion over the next 10 years. And it too met its target by shifting costs to low-income people. But they’re not the only ones who’ll be harmed by what it’s come up with — far from it.