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Is Eliminating Homeless Shelters a War Against Compassion?

Give a person a real home – a studio apartment would suffice – with regular supportive services, and you have ended homelessness, at least for that one person. Clearly, an apartment is way better than a shelter bed.

Five Reasons Why Homelessness is Not Discussed in the 2016 Presidential Election

Unlike the topics of foreign policy, or the economy, or education, homelessness is just not a priority among presidential candidates. Here are five reasons why:

LA Homeless Plan: Find Change Here

I see this new homeless plan as a hopeful approach for dealing with an entrenched, decades-old dilemma. Changing the system means changing people’s lives.

Prioritizing Homeless Vets: Are We Giving Up on Ending Homelessness for All?

What do these actions really mean for America? Are we giving up on ending homelessness for all?

A Small Way to End Homelessness

Building smaller just makes sense. Wouldn’t you rather live in a 10’ by 15’ home, with a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a roof over my head, than spend the night in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk?

Why Sequestration Would Increase Homelessness

The sequestration saber-rattling on the other side of the country pronounced the end of White House tours and the annual Easter egg hunt, cuts that would “never” affect Jason or the thousands of other Americans living in subsidized housing. But when the federal government seized part of the funding of numerous important public programs, subsidized housing was one of them.

Is the Federal Government Misdirecting Homelessness Funds?

Sometimes creating solutions to difficult problems just requires a bit of common sense. If you need to reduce credit card debt, design a personal budget where you spend less than you earn. If you want to lose weight, create a diet where you burn more calories than you consume. On a national level, the same […]

Are Rich Charities Getting Richer, While Poor Charities Become Poorer?

I am no longer surprised when I receive an email from a nonprofit group announcing their dissolution of operations. More and more charity groups are going out of business. Typically, these organizations are small, with little capacity to weather this current economic storm.

Decreased Funding for Human Services Underscores Need for Impact

The funding environment is not going to improve any time soon, and if our economy does suffer a structural shift, it might not ever. Human services has never been the sexy cause of affluent philanthropists, who tend to favor health, arts, and higher education. Indeed, charitable giving in human services is largely driven by middle and lower-class households.

Rounding out human services is government funding, a lot of it. Of course, that funding is being cut back substantially as governments slash budgets to stave off default.

Shared Opportunity, Economic Security in The Bull’s eye on Capitol Hill

House Republicans have put their green eyeshades on. We’re told we should soon — at long last — have the specific cuts they propose to roll back federal spending. As a first step, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has produced his mark for the continuing resolution Congress will have to pass in March to […]