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The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal (For People Who Are Homeless)

What would be the perfect Thanksgiving meal for a person who is living on our streets?

Will A Less Costly Turkey Dinner Resolve Food Stamp Cuts?

Good news. When you sit down at the Thanksgiving dinner table next week, with a spread of oven-baked turkey, fluffy white mashed potatoes, and steaming gravy, your wallet will be a little less empty.

Tomorrow: The Days After Thanksgiving

Out of 365 days a year spent sleeping on the streets, Thanksgiving must be one of the best—a full stomach, real conversation with other people, and celebrities and politicians providing the royal treatment. But after the trays of turkey and bowls of mashed potatoes are empty, after all the volunteers return to their families to celebrate a “real” Thanksgiving meal, the magic of Thanksgiving comes to an end. Tomorrow has come.

Fast Food Nation: America’s Homeless Are Battling Obesity

The image of hunger, cultivated by international relief agencies, has traditionally been a picture of an impoverished child with a bloated stomach in some faraway nation that we can barely find on the map. But that sad photo does not accurately reflect America’s hungry, particularly among the homeless population. A recent study by researchers from Harvard and Oxford revealed an almost paradoxical conclusion: One third of America’s homeless population is obese.

House Appropriations Bill Takes Broad aim at Food Assistance Programs

I wouldn’t want to leave the impression that the just-passed funding allocations for the US Department of Agriculture are fine, except for the cut to WIC (the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children). The House also took the knife to two other nationwide food assistance programs — the Commodity Supplemental Food Program and […]

Nearly one in Five Americans Still Struggle With Hunger

The latest food hardship report from the Food Research and Action Center is one more indication that the recession is by no means over for a vast number of Americans. In 2010, the nationwide food hardship rate was barely lower than in 2009 — 18%, as compared to 18.3%. In the other words, nearly one out […]

Can Street Vendors Help Revitalize Our Communities?

In the midst of the “great recession” and all the preaching about how small business is the heart of the American economy, why not expand our investment beyond traditional brick and mortar businesses? We should rethink small business to include really small business, like the up and coming crop of entrepreneurs working in the informal […]

What Does Eating Local Mean to Those Facing Hunger?

Editor’s note: During the holiday season many of us are fortunate to enjoy the company of loved ones and copious amounts of delicious food. But not everyone has enough to eat, no matter what time of year it is. In this cartoon we are reminded that food preference and even our definition of hunger is […]

WWJD with Homelessness?

Along with spandex shorts, Pokémon, SUVs, and those black leather Doc Marten boots, the 1990s gave the masses a simple bracelet with four letters: WWJD. For people of Christian faith, this popular motto meant, “What Would Jesus Do?” If you encounter some persistent temptation, those four letters are a reminder to help you make the […]

Let’s Use Food Stamps Money for What it Was Intended

Have you ever heard the expression “you got a nickel holding up a dollar there?” It means focusing on small savings while letting big money go by, and it applies to the situation in California with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps.) While enrollment nationally in SNAP is at a record […]