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Will A Less Costly Turkey Dinner Resolve Food Stamp Cuts?

Good news. When you sit down at the Thanksgiving dinner table next week, with a spread of oven-baked turkey, fluffy white mashed potatoes, and steaming gravy, your wallet will be a little less empty.

House Agriculture Committee Slashes Food Stamp Program

You can’t have both guns and butter. House Republicans have taken this old piece of federal budget wisdom seriously. They’ve opted for guns — not over butter, but over food assistance for poor people.

The guns at issue here are funds for defense. Sequestration, i.e., the annual across-the-board cuts required by the Budget Control Act, would reduce them by $54.7 billion a year.

Childless Adults Face Food Stamp Cut-Off

Some years ago, I was fired from a job I’d had for a long time. I was told my position had been restructured out of existence. But it sure felt like firing to me.

This was during a recession. And as time went on — and hopes dwindled — I got to thinking about what would happen if I never found work again.

Food Stamp Benefits too Low for a Healthy Diet, New Study Confirms

In 2008, Children’s HealthWatch and partners reported on a unique study aimed at finding out whether food stamp benefits enable low-income families to buy what they need for a healthy diet. Now we’ve got a followup.

The answer now, as before is no. And though the followup was conducted only in Philadelphia, the findings are generally applicable to other urban areas, including the District of Columbia.

U.S. House of Representatives Votes for Big Cuts to Food Stamps

Last Friday, the House Republican majority approved Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan for next year’s federal budget. Most of the coverage has focused on the plan to privatize Medicare and convert Medicaid into a block grant. A less noted, but also alarming part would cut federal funding for SNAP (the food stamp program) and convert it […]

Nearly one in Five Americans Still Struggle With Hunger

The latest food hardship report from the Food Research and Action Center is one more indication that the recession is by no means over for a vast number of Americans. In 2010, the nationwide food hardship rate was barely lower than in 2009 — 18%, as compared to 18.3%. In the other words, nearly one out […]

Let’s Use Food Stamps Money for What it Was Intended

Have you ever heard the expression “you got a nickel holding up a dollar there?” It means focusing on small savings while letting big money go by, and it applies to the situation in California with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as Food Stamps.) While enrollment nationally in SNAP is at a record […]