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Family Values, American Style: An Increase in Homeless Families

If we truly value families, we should set aside our political and philosophical differences and make sure every family has a home.

Help a Mother Out by Supporting the Diaper Act

Today is the day to make a difference with children and families who cannot access childcare due to lack of diapers.

Please sign the petition at the end of this post to Members of Congress (House of Representatives and Senators) and ask them to co-sponsor the “Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery (“DIAPER”) Act.”

Please forward this call to action to your network. Blog it, Facebook it. Tweet it #hamo. Change the world for babies and their caregivers.

How Much Does Single-Mother Poverty Cost our Nation?

My posting on the plight of single-mother families prompted commenter Glenda to ask a really good question: “Do you have any data … on our total public costs to continue to support single mothers living in poverty rather than investing in helping them to get educated and become self-sufficient?” I replied as best I could at […]

Harder Times for Single Mothers and Their Children

Single-mother families are worse off than any other type of household by just about any measure you can imagine. And their bad situation has gotten worse since the recession set in. This we learn in detail from a new report by Legal Momentum, tellingly entitled Single Mothers Since 2000: Falling Further. Here’s some of what the report […]