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Rising Poverty Rates Demonstrates Failure of Innovation

If we are to really believe that we live in an era of rampant innovation, then why do we have so much poverty?

Entrepreneurs solve problems. And poverty is a big one. Yet the entrepreneurial focus of today is not on big problems.

Countless companies are developing frivolous applications to entertain me while I wait 87 seconds in line for a cup of coffee. There’s even more than a handful of companies working on ways to help me avoid the line all together, ordering coffee from my phone.

The Next Generation of Billionaires Live in Low-Income Neighborhoods

About a week ago, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg announced that he would be contributing $30 million dollars of his own money to a new initiative to help Latino and Black men find jobs and stay out of prison.

What’s more, the Mayor called one of his homies, George Soros, to match his donation. Over lunch, these two guys decided to invest heavily in New York City programs that would help the disproportionate number of Latino and Black men who find themselves without jobs and with no hope.