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The War On Homelessness

Despite unprecedented national efforts, homelessness still feels like a turf battle. You could call it a war.

Part 2: Homeless Agencies Can End Homelessness

If that homeless agency partners with housing developers—or becomes a housing developer—in order to promote a true “Housing First” approach, then perhaps communities will embrace the idea that permanent supportive housing is good for their neighborhood.

Giving House Keys to People Experiencing Homelessness is Not the Only Key

A person’s homelessness will finally end when he or she belongs to a supportive community that embraces him or her as its own.

Homelessness Should Stir Compassion not Anger

For most of her life, Susan’s parents raised her to be diligent in school and to work hard in order to save enough money to obtain the American Dream – home ownership. After decades of hard work, marriage, and children, she was able to purchase a beautiful home just blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California.

But recently, her family’s life goal became a nightmare. With the downturn of the economy, more and more people who became homeless moved into Susan’s upscale neighborhood, living in old, beat-up vehicles right in front of her house.