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A Small Way to End Homelessness

Building smaller just makes sense. Wouldn’t you rather live in a 10’ by 15’ home, with a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a roof over my head, than spend the night in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk?

A Million Reasons Why Los Angeles Could End Homelessness

But the answer to homelessness in this angelic city is right in front of us. We simply need to assign two millionaires to each person experiencing homelessness, and we are done. We could call it the “Two-For-One” program.

Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles: Top 10 Highlights from 2013

10 signs that angelic efforts are on the way in Los Angeles to reduce homelessness, despite the debate over public feeding, homelessness in their public libraries and Union Train Station, and the fact that the region has 58,000 people who are homeless.

Helping The Homeless Whether They are Naughty or Nice.

If we operate like Santa Claus receiving a wish list from an impoverished person who is looking for food or shelter, what do we do with the “naughty” people? Deny them food, shelter, and housing?

Homeless Campgrounds: Once Open, They’re Hard to Close

Perhaps along with building permanent supportive housing, we should also create permanent supportive towns? Then, we would no longer have to clear out tent cities.

How to Help the Homeless? Donate Air!

One of the most difficult steps in the development process is acquiring land on which to build. At a glance, this makes it seem like dirt is the solution. But what if landowners were to donate the air above their dirt, so that it could be used for affordable housing?

This is Not My Home

We cannot end homelessness with solutions that are temporary. People experiencing homelessness need something real. Something permanent. Something they can call home.

Who Should Win The Housing Lottery?

Securing one of the limited permanent supportive housing units in the U.S. is a bit like desperately trying to win that golden ticket in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Millions of people are in need of affordable housing, and only a handful of apartments are subsidized by the government.

If you are homeless, the odds of accessing an affordable apartment with support services are probably worse than winning a money lottery. Of course, some cities, like Los Angeles, set aside rental vouchers for people who are homeless, but with 50,000 Angelenos homeless, the vouchers are never enough.

So how should society determine who gets a coveted subsidized housing unit?

Shared Opportunity, Economic Security in The Bull’s eye on Capitol Hill

House Republicans have put their green eyeshades on. We’re told we should soon — at long last — have the specific cuts they propose to roll back federal spending. As a first step, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has produced his mark for the continuing resolution Congress will have to pass in March to […]

Why is Building Affordable Housing for the Homeless so Unaffordable?

This past week, I sat in public meetings to negotiate an affordable housing development in a large urban community. At the meeting I heard the usual neighborhood responses. Fearful neighbors said: “I am not against helping homeless people, just not in my neighborhood.” “We have children in the area. This project is not appropriate here.” […]