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Rudy Espinoza Rudy Espinoza is an economic development consultant with experience managing place-based, economic development initiatives for banks, grocery stores, and foundations. He is currently the Senior Program Officer for Local Economic Development Initiatives at Community Financial Resource Center in South Los Angeles and is a founding board member of Leadership for Urban Renewal Now.

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Occupy Movement Underscores Importance of Creating and Building

Posted Oct 13, 2011 | Comments Off on Occupy Movement Underscores Importance of Creating and Building

The last several weeks, some of us have been keeping up to date with the Occupy Movement . Originating in New York City, and sprouting in various cities across the country, including my beloved Los Angeles, protestors are taking to the street and camping out to demand economic equality.

Los Angeles even approved a resolution to support the protesters, and major unions and organizing groups are supporting them too.

The Next Generation of Billionaires Live in Low-Income Neighborhoods

About a week ago, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg announced that he would be contributing $30 million dollars of his own money to a new initiative to help Latino and Black men find jobs and stay out of prison.

What’s more, the Mayor called one of his homies, George Soros, to match his donation. Over lunch, these two guys decided to invest heavily in New York City programs that would help the disproportionate number of Latino and Black men who find themselves without jobs and with no hope.

Street Vendors Should Tweet, Even the Poor Ones

This year, the world has been captivated with the revolutions in the Middle East. Not surprisingly, the driving force behind the uprising has been the people themselves, leveraging the Internet and social media to communicate with each other and promote their message to the world. It’s obvious that social media is spreading, and the Internet […]

Can Street Vendors Help Revitalize Our Communities?

In the midst of the “great recession” and all the preaching about how small business is the heart of the American economy, why not expand our investment beyond traditional brick and mortar businesses? We should rethink small business to include really small business, like the up and coming crop of entrepreneurs working in the informal […]

What We Can Learn from Check-Cashers

I work with banks for a living. I have to admit that promoting bank accounts and big financial institutions has been a tough sell lately. People are impressionable, and the recent meltdown of the economy, the bailouts, and the big bonuses have been hard to ignore. But large financial institutions, and more importantly, the products […]