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Nicholas Schuller Nicholas Schuller is the Regional Manager of the nonprofit tutoring organization Achieve Learning and Resource Center (ALRC). Founded by a UCLA professor, ALRC strives to provide all students with high-quality tutoring and ultimately with access to higher education. Before joining ALRC in 2009, Nick taught public middle school in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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The Promise of Prosperity: How Scammers Prey on the Poor

About a week ago, I heard a knock on my door and opened it to find a young, smartly-dressed, African-American woman standing outside with a big smile on her face. She had the telltale accoutrements of a door-to-door salesperson in hand. The young lady introduced herself confidently as Shilah and launched into her sales pitch. […]

Family Income and College Readiness

Family income and college readiness, not surprisingly, go hand in hand. Wealthy white students graduate at higher rates than poor white students, who actually graduate at lower rates than their poor minority counterparts. A high school diploma does not necessarily prepare a student for the rigor of undergraduate studies. Indeed, college readiness is the greatest […]

For Low-Income Students, Getting a College Degree is More Elusive than Simply Getting In

For many people and organizations, college admission is regarded as the holy grail of educational equity. If students get to college, then they have “made it.” This is far from the reality, especially for low-income students and minorities. While it is true that graduating from high school and being admitted to college are important accomplishments, […]

We Should Keep Kids in School. Longer.

Recently, our education secretary lobbied for longer school days. When I think of longer school days the first thing that comes to mind is “nothing good ever happens after midnight.” This comment was from a sportswriter talking about athletes getting into trouble, but I think it apples to fourth through eighth grade students as well, […]

Eight Simple Rules to Effective Low-Income Tutoring

So what would an effective tutoring program look like for low-income students? Isn’t it a pipe dream to think that low-income students can get the same quality tutoring that wealthy students will shell out upwards of $60 per hour to receive? It’s not a pipe dream; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. In […]

How Not to Tutor Low-Income Students

Most people would probably agree that low-income students deserve tutoring. The more pressing question is how do we provide low-income students with the same quality tutoring their wealthier peers can afford? Historically, low-income elementary and middle schools provide tutoring in two forms: classroom teachers staying after school and local college students volunteering through “homework clubs.” […]

Why Low-Income Students Need Tutoring

Edtior’s note: This is a two part series examining tutoring for low-income students. In the first part, Nicholas looks at why there is a need for tutoring; in the second part, he will explore the most effective options for addressing this need. Picture the following California public middle school. The students are nearly all either […]

For Kids, Not for Profit

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) opened the door for for-profit tutoring organizations like Kaplan and Sylvan to partner with schools and nonprofits to provide supplemental educational services. Becoming a Supplemental Education Services (SES) provider became a lucrative and efficient avenue for expansion. Under the SES umbrella, organizations apply to become a tutoring provider and then receive between […]