Cali Hayes

Cali Hayes Cali Hayes is the Communications Coordinator for PATH, a family of agencies helping people in need throughout Southern California, where she does a lot of writing and editing, and maintains PATH's social media accounts. Previously she was a staff writer for NuWire Investor, an online journal based in Seattle, WA.

Posts by Cali Hayes

Paul Freese: Saving the Life, Heart and Soul of the Law

One night Paul Freese, the director of litigation and public advocacy for public interest law firm Public Counsel, stopped by Von’s to grab some food on his way home from work. There was a young homeless man sitting in front of the store, quietly munching on a crust of bread. Blue lights flashed in the […]

People Are Dying Right Before Our Eyes

By Hector Tobar, Los Angeles Times Plywood boards cover the windows and doors of the abandoned Chinese Buffet in Inglewood. Each rectangle reads like a sign announcing “Plague!” or “Recession!” Most drivers on Manchester Boulevard simply speed past. But Rodolfo Salinas and his colleagues slowed down one morning this week to look. They saw a […]

Charles Lee: Ideation Strategist, Networker and Compassionary

Charles Lee is a husband, a father of two, a businessman, a man of faith and a compassion worker, just to name a few. The projects with which he’s involved run the gamut from nonprofits to business consultancies… but, over the years, the greatest foundation for his involvement with compassion work sprang from a reconnection […]