Roberts: Cheaper housing: another method or a new paradigm?

By | Oct 28, 2019

LongBeach_26092847424_4b076c5ac4_zAll throughout California, everyone is talking about how we need to create cheaper housing for people who are homeless. As homelessness increases throughout the state, and millions and millions of taxpayer dollars have been invested in homeless services and housing, the people who paid those taxes are losing their patience.

The media has picked up on what most of us are seeing. Earlier this month, USA Today published a story titled “Some of Los Angeles’ homeless could get apartments that cost more than private homes.” The story was written after an L.A. City Controller audited the city’s investment in building housing for people who are homeless. He found that the average cost of a supportive housing unit was $531,373, while the median price of a market-rate condo was $546,000.

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