Your Voice Will Be Missed

By | Aug 18, 2014

Robin_Williams_2011a_(2)Not your funny alien voice from Mork and Mindy. Or your maternal voice from Mrs. Doubtfire.

Not your whimsical genie voice from Aladdin. Or your therapeutic voice from Good Will Hunting.

Not even your desperate homeless voice from The Fisher King.

Your comedic voice raised millions of dollars for homelessness. It was ironic that you would team up with Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and dozens of other funny people to raise money to fight a serious issue.

Homelessness is not a joke, but raising money for homelessness with jokes is admirable. Such compassion. Amazing vision. Everyone wins.

But your comedic voice is not what will be missed most.

Twenty-four years ago you sat in front of the U.S. Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee, chaired by then-Senator Edward Kennedy. You weren’t there to entertain those politicians. You, our nation’s funny guy, were there to raise your political voice about a serious human tragedy in this country.

You were there to advocate for a bill to create housing-based services. You were there to tell our political leaders that homelessness was a gaping wound that no mere Band-Aid could fix. Years later, permanent supportive housing is now the norm.

Many people never even knew you were such a strong advocate for this country’s most vulnerable people.

Goodbye, Robin Williams. Your advocate voice will be missed.