My Needs are Just Like Yours

By | Oct 22, 2012
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

I need you.

Sometimes my stomach growls with hunger because I need food. It’s ironic that this country struggles with weight when so many other people go hungry.

I need you.

I need a roof and walls to shelter me. A place where I can hang my hat (if I had one), kick off my shoes, and watch the evening news. Sure, it’s a pain in the neck to have to vacuum and clean on a regularly basis…but it sure beats life on the streets.

Yes, I need you.

I need encouragement and support when it comes to employment. It used to be that finding a job was as easy as putting together a resume and dressing up for an interview. But, in the current economy, being fully employed is not something to take for granted

I really need you.

I’m not a hermit or a loner, I need to feel connected to my community. I need people who will discuss today’s issues—local politics, the environment, or even who will is going to win the big game this weekend.

I need you.

I need healthcare when I get sick. The winter months are coming, and that means flu season is just around the corner. Access to services that can keep me healthy are incredibly important.

I need you.

I need to be able to hold my head high and feel proud that I’m contributing to society. I know that promoting dignity can sometimes seem like a cliché, but I do want to feel worthy. I need to feel like I am somebody.

I am in need.

But I am not a person who is homeless, hungry, and unsheltered. I am lucky to be housed, employed, and able to eat each day.

My basic needs are the same as that person living on the streets. We are not so different after all.