Homelessness: America’s Refugee Crisis

By | Sep 28, 2015

Photo by Tiny.cc/Syria Freedom, Flickr.

Their stories are heartbreaking. Dozens drowning when their tiny boats capsize off the coast of Turkey. Desperate crowds shouting for entry at the borders of safe countries. A small boy sprawled on a beach, lifeless.

They are the refugees spewing out of war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Their destination is Europe, where they can safely raise their families and live their lives.

An estimated 3 million people have fled from Syria alone, with another 6.5 million more people displaced within the country’s borders. Their way stations are refugee camps—sprawling temporary tent cities—along the way.  Read More »

Is There a Homelessness Effect With LAPD Homeless Response?

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. . . lawsuits and ordinances are becoming the weapons of choice for addressing homelessness. Advocates for people experiencing homelessness are battling with city officials and their proposed ordinances designed to “clean up” the streets.

Can You Picture The Brady Bunch Living in an Apartment?

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In Los Angeles today, those 1970s families would need to earn almost $70,000 per year just to rent an apartment. I can’t picture the Brady household – two parents, six kids, a housekeeper and dog – all living in an apartment in San Fernando Valley.

By | Aug 12, 2015
Photo by Steve Lyon Harry slept under a tarp tied to a rusty chain-link fence just outside of central Los Angeles.
By | Jul 28, 2015
Photo by Alex Proimos Years ago, when I first became the leader of a small homeless agency on the Westside of Los Angeles, I used to start my presentations to the community by saying, “It could happen to you.
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Photo by The All Night-Images A movement to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour is sweeping the country.
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Photo by Anthony Kelly Close your eyes.
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It sounds adventurous, exotic, and even a bit thrilling.
By | Jun 9, 2015
The concept of quickly placing people who are homeless in permanent homes – rather than first moving them to shelters – has become the priority for almost every jurisdiction in America.
By | Jun 2, 2015
PATH was founded over 30 years ago and, for 19 of those years, I have been leading the agency.