It Could Happen to Them

By | Jul 28, 2015

Photo by Alex Proimos

Years ago, when I first became the leader of a small homeless agency on the Westside of Los Angeles, I used to start my presentations to the community by saying, “It could happen to you.”

“It” was homelessness. And “you” was the average middle-class American who was just one paycheck away from becoming homeless.

Back then, most people entering homeless shelters were similar to you and me. Then they lost their jobs, struggled with substance abuse, or fled from domestic violence. They burned bridges with family and friends. Finally, there was nowhere left to go but a homeless shelter. Read More »

Anti-Poverty Agencies Should Not Pay Poverty Wages

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A worker needs to earn $33 per hour to rent an average apartment in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles plans to raise its minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020. If that wage level were implemented in 2015, the average household would need more than two employed persons in order to afford a typical apartment.

Monarch School: Bringing the Invisibility of Homeless Youth to Light

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“. . . 1 in 45 children experience homelessness in the U.S. each year. That’s over 1.6 million children. While homeless, these youth experience high rates of acute and chronic health problems. The constant barrage of stressful and traumatic experiences also has profound effects on their development and ability to learn.”

By | Jun 22, 2015
It sounds adventurous, exotic, and even a bit thrilling.
By | Jun 9, 2015
The concept of quickly placing people who are homeless in permanent homes – rather than first moving them to shelters – has become the priority for almost every jurisdiction in America.
By | Jun 2, 2015
PATH was founded over 30 years ago and, for 19 of those years, I have been leading the agency.
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Eight-year-old Andre loves having his friends over to hang out in his room after school.
By | May 13, 2015
The recent homeless count in Los Angeles revealed that homelessness increased by 16 percent from 2013 to the present; the unsheltered homeless population has nearly tripled.
By | May 4, 2015
The latest fad flooding Facebook and Twitter is a Microsoft-created app (how-old.