Coming Out Means Becoming Homeless

By | Oct 13, 2014

450px-LGBT_flag_squareThe image of homelessness in urban areas like Los Angeles’ Skid Row has distorted this country’s perspective on who is homeless. Ask the average American on the streets to describe a “homeless person”, and they will inevitably verbally sketch an inebriated man, wearing tattered clothes, walking on the sidewalk of Skid Row.

Maybe those Thanksgiving newspaper display ads, with pictures of stereotypical homeless men asking for money have imprinted the wrong image. “Can you feed me on Thanksgiving?” the ad asks.

Or maybe we just do not want to admit that in our country, people from various backgrounds and communities are falling into homelessness.

You would think women battered by their spouses who end up on the streets would garner compassion. Or mothers and their children, abandoned by the dad, would appeal to the heart strings of this country. At least our vulnerable children should reap enough compassion for them to be housed.

Unless these vulnerable children are gay.

It seems for some American families, their hearts become hardened when they discover that their own child is attracted to the same sex. Rather than embrace their own flesh and blood, they discard them from their house like the week’s trash. No compassion. No empathy.

For many, a rejection of a child who is gay means a straight path to homelessness. Read More »

It Could Happen To Them

“Homelessness could happen to you.” This is a phrase we may quietly utter to our friends, or even to ourselves, when we stroll by a homeless stranger on the street. “There but for the grace of God, go I,” we say.

Ending Poverty: Is the Solution Just Paying Cash?

By | Oct 1, 2014 | Comments Off

If we fail to continue to provide programs that address poverty, more people will end up living on our streets. It’s not as simple as a cash handout. We need to do more.

By | Sep 16, 2014
I wish this was a Lonely Planet travel guide about how to live on $15 per day in some exotic land overseas.
By | Sep 3, 2014
You look into their eyes, and hatred, anger, and fear stare back at you.
By | Aug 25, 2014
Thirty years ago, PATH was created because a group of local people noticed an increase in homelessness on the Westside of Los Angeles.
By | Aug 18, 2014
Not your funny alien voice from Mork and Mindy.
By | Aug 4, 2014
We have spent decades developing best practices, analyzing data, and re-prioritizing funding.
By | Jul 29, 2014
I walk my daily patrol like a fearsome warrior, dressed in my combat helmet and protective gear.
By | Jul 21, 2014
Fourteen years ago, when the goal to actually end homelessness was proposed by a national homeless group, the idea of zero homelessness seemed lofty.