Five Reasons Why Homelessness is Not Discussed in the 2016 Presidential Election

By | Apr 13, 2016

This Presidential election season is one of the craziest, most unpredictable elections in American history. The proposed new policies that are rooted in fear, and the schoolyard insults on just about everyone, have upended every so called expert’s predictions in presidential politics.

But, like every other election season, there is one simple constant: presidential candidates hardly ever discuss the issue of homelessness in America. There are never town forums, public debates, or large rallies on why there is homelessness in our country, and how we, with the largest economy in the world, can invest in a housing infrastructure that would prevent Americans from living on our streets.

Unlike the topics of foreign policy, or the economy, or education, homelessness is just not a priority among presidential candidates. Here are five reasons why: Read More »

House Calls for People Without Homes

By | Mar 30, 2016 | Comments Off on House Calls for People Without Homes

So our experienced outreach workers compassionately, patiently, tenderly, work with these people, day after day, in the search for housing.

Should They Be Grateful?

I wonder if we, who are providing the compassion for people who are homeless, have everything backwards. We sometimes feel like those we are helping should be grateful. We think they should send us sweet words of thanks, to make us feel good.

By | Mar 15, 2016
Paul stood at the 101 Freeway off-ramp, holding a cardboard sign that read, “Spare Change?” He was a veteran in our armed services who lived on our streets for ten years.
By | Feb 2, 2016
Photo by Karim Corban I remember a couple of decades ago helping people who were homeless was much easier.
By | Jan 6, 2016
Photo by A McLin For the past several year-ends, I have listed America’s top ten positive solutions to ending homelessness.
By | Dec 10, 2015
Photo by Alex Proimos Imagine 44,000 people losing their homes because of a series of tornadoes in the Midwest, or a devastating hurricane in the South, or sweeping wildfires in the West.
By | Oct 20, 2015
Photo by Alex Proimos When I think of poverty in a global sense, I imagine slums like the shantytowns of Nairobi or the favelas of Sao Paulo.
By | Sep 16, 2015
Photo by Steve Lyon There was a time when police officers would simply provide homeless individuals with directions to nearby homeless shelters or tell them to move along.