Why Don’t We Create Sheltered Neighborhoods?

By | Jul 12, 2018

jon-tyson-660171-unsplashFor more than two decades, I have led a homeless services and housing development agency that was started here in Los Angeles. I have seen dozens of plans, initiatives, policies, ordinances and lawsuits designed to address homelessness. And yet, our communities continue to be inundated with people living on our streets.

Ironically, nearly every stakeholder (business owners, residents, political leaders and even people living on our streets) would agree on the end goal — a community without homelessness. For years, however, our communities have fought over how to reach that goal, proposing such initiatives as arresting the homeless to providing a shelter bed for everyone.

The Jones settlement was a result of this contentious discourse. Simply put, the city of Los Angeles wanted to ban people from sleeping on sidewalks, while advocates argued that people had no where else to sleep given the dearth of shelters and housing units.  Read More »

Building More Housing: NIMBY Should Be PMBY

By | Jun 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Building More Housing: NIMBY Should Be PMBY

The major issue today is finding neighborhoods that will allow us to set up shelters, services, or permanent housing in their backyards.

An Ambidextrous Approach to Ending Homelessness

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While some of us can tune political divisiveness out by turning off our televisions and radios there are others who are the real victims of this discord; the homeless. The left/right divide halts action and in this instance, has the unfortunate outcome of people continuing to sleep on our streets. Just this past week Housing […]

By | Jun 6, 2018
Here in Los Angeles, stakeholders involved in addressing homelessness — from frontline case workers, to charity leaders, to foundation executives — just assumed the numbers of people homeless on Los Angeles County streets would go up.
By | Jan 3, 2018
Historians will probably describe what happened in our country this year as unprecedented, historic, extraordinary, perhaps even bizarre.
By | Nov 16, 2017
This week is National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, but do Californians really need to be reminded? Tattered tents along sidewalks, beat-up recreational vehicles parked on streets and panhandlers are common.
By | Oct 4, 2017
While walking to work in downtown San Diego, I recently saw several men in what appeared to be Hazmat suits spraying bleach and hot water on the sidewalks in response to our community’s scary outbreak of hepatitis A.
By | Sep 6, 2017
Jim D’Aquilia/Momenta Workshops 2016.
By | Jul 24, 2017
Investing in our country’s infrastructure is all the talk today, from Los Angeles to D.
By | Jun 2, 2017
No one in Los Angeles was surprised to hear on Wednesday that the homeless population had ballooned yet again.