The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal (For People Who Are Homeless)

By | Nov 24, 2014

thanksgiving_dinner_1280x1024I was thinking of asking the Food Network what they thought was the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. But they were already five turkey trots ahead of me. Their list of classic dishes, provided by their celebrity chefs, is a top-ten, “whose-who” of amazing Thanksgiving cuisine.

Imagine having Alton Brown in your kitchen cooking a scrumptious turkey—baked with sage, parsley, chicken broth, celery, green pepper, mushrooms, eggs, cherries, and pecans? How about Tyler Florence whipping up velvety mashed potatoes with heavy cream, unsalted butter, and Yukon gold potatoes? Think of Alex Guarnaschelli making your cranberry sauce or Damaris Phillips providing the cast-iron skillet cornbread?

Just imagine if they all showed up at the local homeless shelter on Thanksgiving morning to provide the most amazing holiday meal for people who are homeless. Boy, would that be perfect.

Or would it?

Sure, the smells would be heavenly. The perfectly cooked meals would be delicious. I can just see the smiles on people’s faces. Stomachs stuffed. People feeling good.

But what happens the next day—on Black Friday? Or the other 363 days of the year? A nice holiday meal is certainly nice…but it is certainly not the solution to ending a person’s homelessness. Read More »

Too Close To Home: Let’s Not Kid Around About Child Poverty

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A third of our nation’s children reside in homes defined as poor, where the household income is below 60% of the national median income for 2008, or $31,000. In other countries, this annual income is a fortune, but in this country, a family that survives on $31,000 per year places their children on a pathway to adult poverty, if not homelessness.

By | Nov 3, 2014
I stood in the middle of a Hong Kong thoroughfare that was typically jammed with cars and trucks.
By | Oct 27, 2014
Source: Spiegel Homelessness is all around us.
By | Oct 20, 2014
I know, don’t stare.
By | Oct 13, 2014
The image of homelessness in urban areas like Los Angeles’ Skid Row has distorted this country’s perspective on who is homeless.
By | Oct 6, 2014
“Homelessness could happen to you.
By | Oct 1, 2014
Our country has a complicated system to help those struggling with poverty.
By | Sep 16, 2014
I wish this was a Lonely Planet travel guide about how to live on $15 per day in some exotic land overseas.