Poverty in America: Living on $7.28 Per Day

By | Sep 16, 2014

money-235586_640I wish this was a Lonely Planet travel guide about how to live on $15 per day in some exotic land overseas. Then I would get to tell you where to find all of the best one dollar, hole-in-the-wall local food stands (bacteria and all).

But no, this piece is about living on minimum wage.

I know. Those who are against raising the minimum wage argue that businesses will just move out of town if the local jurisdiction mandates a higher wage. In our capitalistic culture, why should government dictate wages when our laissez-faire society that worships supply-and-demand is paramount?

But when 1% of people in America earn 22.5% of this country’s income, intervention for those living on the lower end of the economic spectrum seems to be the answer.

Most experts believe raising the minimum wage helps reduce this income disparity. Read More »

Part 2: Homeless Agencies Can End Homelessness

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If that homeless agency partners with housing developers—or becomes a housing developer—in order to promote a true “Housing First” approach, then perhaps communities will embrace the idea that permanent supportive housing is good for their neighborhood.

Homeless Agencies Can Transform the Quest to End Homelessness

By | Aug 25, 2014 | Comments Off

I do believe that homeless programs have a significant role to play in ending this country’s homelessness. As traditional homeless agencies shift their focus to Housing First strategies, they move away from becoming a forgotten Sony Walkman tape player and closer to being a modern Apple iPhone.

By | Aug 18, 2014
Not your funny alien voice from Mork and Mindy.
By | Aug 4, 2014
We have spent decades developing best practices, analyzing data, and re-prioritizing funding.
By | Jul 29, 2014
I walk my daily patrol like a fearsome warrior, dressed in my combat helmet and protective gear.
By | Jul 21, 2014
Fourteen years ago, when the goal to actually end homelessness was proposed by a national homeless group, the idea of zero homelessness seemed lofty.
By | Jul 14, 2014
Providing real homes, rather than shelter beds, for people who are homeless has been all the rage these past few years.
By | Jul 8, 2014
I was never very good at math when I was in school, but even I can tell that the homeless count numbers for Los Angeles are clearly laden with politics.
By | Jul 1, 2014
Back in the 1980s, when the original founders of PATH created a small program to help people who were homeless on the Westside of Los Angeles, they never imagined that they would still be in business 30 years later.