An Ambidextrous Approach to Ending Homelessness

By | Jun 13, 2018

While some of us can tune political divisiveness out by turning off our televisions and radios there are others who are the real victims of this discord; the homeless. The left/right divide halts action and in this instance, has the unfortunate outcome of people continuing to sleep on our streets.

Just this past week Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson unveiled the Making Affordable Housing Work Act of 2018, a bill that will bring significant left/right debate. If passed, it will force more people on our streets. But even if it doesn’t pass, resources to house people who are homeless will maintain as status quo, when more resources are desperately needed. Read More »

Los Angeles Homeless Numbers: Making It Count

By | Jun 6, 2018 | Comments Off on Los Angeles Homeless Numbers: Making It Count

Could it be that the tide of homelessness in Southern California has peaked? Leaders and advocates are cautiously optimistic.

Top Ten Homelessness Trends and Issues in 2017

By | Jan 3, 2018 | Comments Off on Top Ten Homelessness Trends and Issues in 2017

Historians will probably describe what happened in our country this year as unprecedented, historic, extraordinary, perhaps even bizarre. How will historians document 2017’s trends and issues regarding our country’s homelessness issue? Here is my top ten list: TEN: A United Nations report documents extreme poverty in the USA. We typically think of “third world” countries when […]

By | Nov 16, 2017
This week is National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, but do Californians really need to be reminded? Tattered tents along sidewalks, beat-up recreational vehicles parked on streets and panhandlers are common.
By | Oct 4, 2017
While walking to work in downtown San Diego, I recently saw several men in what appeared to be Hazmat suits spraying bleach and hot water on the sidewalks in response to our community’s scary outbreak of hepatitis A.
By | Sep 6, 2017
Jim D’Aquilia/Momenta Workshops 2016.
By | Jul 24, 2017
Investing in our country’s infrastructure is all the talk today, from Los Angeles to D.
By | Jun 2, 2017
No one in Los Angeles was surprised to hear on Wednesday that the homeless population had ballooned yet again.
By | Feb 17, 2017
Photo by Marc Brüneke When working in communities to address homelessness, I feel like an antsy kid – I don’t want to wait.
By | Jan 3, 2017
Photo by Liz Bois Five years ago, I wrote a blog piece wondering how our country would respond to homelessness if Donald Trump was elected President.