Keeping an Eye on Homelessness

By | Oct 20, 2014

PATH_092014-116I know, don’t stare. That’s what I was taught when I was young. “It’s rude if you stare at people,” my elders told me.

Especially, if someone looked different or peculiar…

The man in the wheelchair. The boy with the crooked haircut. The girl wearing mismatched clothes.

The woman with an unnatural lump on her neck. The guy with one leg.

Don’t look.

That also included people who were homeless on the streets.

“Don’t stare at them,” I was instructed by my elders. It was almost as if they considered homeless people aliens from another planet. Read More »

It Could Happen To Them

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“Homelessness could happen to you.” This is a phrase we may quietly utter to our friends, or even to ourselves, when we stroll by a homeless stranger on the street. “There but for the grace of God, go I,” we say.

By | Oct 1, 2014
Our country has a complicated system to help those struggling with poverty.
By | Sep 16, 2014
I wish this was a Lonely Planet travel guide about how to live on $15 per day in some exotic land overseas.
By | Sep 3, 2014
You look into their eyes, and hatred, anger, and fear stare back at you.
By | Aug 25, 2014
Thirty years ago, PATH was created because a group of local people noticed an increase in homelessness on the Westside of Los Angeles.
By | Aug 18, 2014
Not your funny alien voice from Mork and Mindy.
By | Aug 4, 2014
We have spent decades developing best practices, analyzing data, and re-prioritizing funding.
By | Jul 29, 2014
I walk my daily patrol like a fearsome warrior, dressed in my combat helmet and protective gear.