Ending Homelessness: The Wait is Killing Them

By | Feb 17, 2017

When working in communities to address homelessness, I feel like an antsy kid – I don’t want to wait. I’m fidgety because the lag time seems so long. I am baffled why it’s taking our country so long to house its poorest people. I just want people housed.

The wait reminds me of when I was a child during Christmas. I could never sleep the night before. The smell of eggnog, the images of wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, and the hope of hearing Santa slide down our chimney made my little 10-year-old self become an insomniac. It was so difficult to wait for Christmas morning to arrive.

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What Does The End of 2016 Mean For Homelessness?

Five years ago, I wrote a blog piece wondering how our country would respond to homelessness if Donald Trump was elected President. That was in 2011 when almost everyone thought a Trump Presidency was simply all talk. However, in just a few weeks, President Trump becomes a reality – and not a reality TV show, […]

Local Jurisdictions Are Forced to Address Homelessness on Their Own

It is difficult to predict the future, however, for local leaders who are desperately in search of solutions to address homelessness on their streets, depending on resources from a federal government that is leaning toward less government participation could be a recipe for a larger human crisis.

By | Nov 14, 2016
It doesn’t matter what month or week it is, there is some national awareness issue assigned to that time of the year.
By | Oct 22, 2016
Sally and her husband, and two kids, moved into their neighborhood on the west edge of Los Angeles County a handful of years ago.
By | Sep 9, 2016
PATH Villas at Del Rey, permanent supportive housing.
By | Aug 31, 2016
Joel John Roberts, PATH CEO Last week, I was at my umpteenth community meeting in order to promote a new building that would house people who experience homelessness.
By | Aug 16, 2016
The odds of making money by owning real estate is much better than playing the lottery.
By | Aug 10, 2016
Photo © Jim D’Aquilia/Momenta Workshops 2016.
By | Aug 4, 2016
The Presidential primary season has now ended.