Ending the Cycle of Homelessness

By | Mar 23, 2015

Cycle-homelessnessFor the past five years, the federal government has been implementing a courageous and visionary initiative to end homelessness for this country’s veterans, chronically homeless individuals, and families. This plan has changed the paradigm as to how communities approach their homeless populations.

Everyone involved in addressing homelessness has been influenced by this plan – public officials, non-governmental organization leaders, foundation heads, and government leaders. The fact that this country has redefined the work of homelessness by calling an end to it, rather than managing the status quo, is admirable.

The work of ending homelessness has been extraordinary.

For instance, our communities have been scrambling to get federal housing vouchers that will help people pay rent for apartment units. We have been reallocating homeless dollars from traditional emergency and transitional programs to permanent housing programs. We are working toward coordinating how we assess people who are homeless and how we link them to permanent housing.

It is all great work. Thousands of people have been housed. Read More »

The Future of Homelessness: Post-Housing First

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We used to think self-sufficiency was getting people a job and back on their feet. Today, self-sufficiency is connecting people to community who will continue to support them for the rest of their lives.

We Need to House Abandoned Americans Because #HomelessLivesMatter

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Today, I wonder why America—a society that is so sophisticated, wealthy, and compassionate—doesn’t pick up its lost humanity on the streets and connect them with housing and with the community of humanity.

By | Mar 2, 2015
This piece is not about supporting homeless shelter programs over permanent supportive housing.
By | Feb 17, 2015
Years ago, I was part of a small group of leaders who toured the notorious Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail, which was home to 19,000 inmates last year.
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Four years ago, I wrote a piece on this country’s bi-annual homeless count, entitled, “Are Homeless Counts Like Counting Sheep?” I have reposted the article below.
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I met Sherial in the spring of 2012.
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Income inequality is all the talk.
By | Jan 20, 2015
In the United States, the gap between those holding the most wealth and the extremely poor is an issue that is quickly coming to the forefront of the political scene.
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I am homeless.