Roberts: Veteran homelessness affects the whole family

By | Nov 25, 2019

Vermont VeteranTwenty-three years ago, I started as the leader of a small homeless agency in West Los Angeles. Back then we used to be a 90-days program – within that small span of time, we would help someone who was homeless get a job, save money, move into an apartment and get back on their feet.

Back then, people who became homeless were just down on their luck.

Back then, our staff were peer counselors. Many, if not most, were high school educated. There wasn’t a need for clinicians with advanced degrees. A good heart-to-heart talk was enough. Boy, were they good at relating to people, and inspiring them to change and improve their lives. We called it “a hand up, not a hand out.”

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Roberts: Cheaper housing: another method or a new paradigm?

By | Oct 28, 2019 | Comments Off on Roberts: Cheaper housing: another method or a new paradigm?

All throughout California, everyone is talking about how we need to create cheaper housing for people who are homeless. As homelessness increases throughout the state, and millions and millions of taxpayer dollars have been invested in homeless services and housing, the people who paid those taxes are losing their patience. The media has picked up […]

Visible People: Homelessness Could Happen To Them

By | Oct 1, 2019 | Comments Off on Visible People: Homelessness Could Happen To Them

Can you see her? What about him? She is right in front of you. He’s over there. Sitting in the car seat next to you. Across the dining room table. A few pews ahead of you during worship. At the PTA evening meeting in the school cafeteria. They are right in front of you if […]

By | Sep 23, 2019
Fifteen years ago, I was working with a newly hired PATH employee who had just graduated from our local college.
By | Jul 22, 2019
Just recently I flew to Hong Kong.
By | Jun 17, 2019
I was shocked to read that the United States federal government is proposing to institute a policy allowing homeless shelters to ban transgender people from entering their facilities.
By | May 27, 2019
California leaders are finally investing in more affordable and supportive housing, the proven solution to dealing with our housing affordability and homelessness crises.
By | Apr 22, 2019
Years ago, the cutting-edge approach toward solving homelessness was a shelter bed and a transitional program that helped people become self-sufficient.
By | Mar 25, 2019
The king of chocolate, Milton Hershey and his famous chocolate company, tried to build one, as did the founders of Pullman railroad sleeping cars and Steinway pianos.