Is Today the Day that I Die?

By | Jul 29, 2014


I walk my daily patrol like a fearsome warrior, dressed in my combat helmet and protective gear. I point my rifle out for all to see, and the people around me cringe.

But, inside, I’m just a kid from Kansas, or Detroit, or L.A. I’m scared as hell, wondering if someone will dart out of an alley with a deadly weapon pointed at me.

I wonder when that bullet will be meant for me.

Women walk tentatively past me, their eyes cast down. They are innocent bystanders, but all I see are potential adversaries. I wonder if one of them is secretly waiting to blow up everything within a hundred yards.

I wonder when that bomb will be meant for me.

I walk like I know where I am going. Like I am the king of the hill. But I’ve seen one too many of my buddies step on mines, and the sprawling body parts and shrapnel are not something a kid like me should experience. Read More »

By | Jul 8, 2014
I was never very good at math when I was in school, but even I can tell that the homeless count numbers for Los Angeles are clearly laden with politics.
By | Jul 1, 2014
Back in the 1980s, when the original founders of PATH created a small program to help people who were homeless on the Westside of Los Angeles, they never imagined that they would still be in business 30 years later.
By | Jun 23, 2014
Photo: Andrew Horton/Twitter When I was studying architecture, the design projects we were assigned typically involved creating spaces or products that benefited people.
By | Jun 17, 2014
The most popular event in the world was supposed to be a showcase for this Latin American nation.
By | Jun 9, 2014
Has the United States conned the rest of the world? We broadcast how amazingly wealthy we are.
By | Jun 2, 2014
They swooped in like they were carrying ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) badges.
By | May 27, 2014
There is a busy street just on the edge of downtown Los Angeles that is becoming well known.