Can You Picture The Brady Bunch Living in an Apartment?

By | Aug 28, 2015

Imagine the Brady Bunch kids living in a 2-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. Now that’s a TV show!

I remember when I was a kid, the famous families on television always had a one-earner parent. Typically, dad went to work, and mom stayed home to take care of the children. From the Andersons (on Father Knows Best), to the Bunkers (on All In The Family), to the Bradys (on the Brady Bunch).

And these families always had nice homes, even though the dads held basic middle-class jobs – insurance agent, dock-worker, and architect.

Back then, these television families simply reflected society in mid-America, when American families were able to live in a home, with only dad holding down a middle-class job.

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Homeless or Criminal?

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But then the parties started. Out came the drugs. Cars pulled up and Harry’s new neighbors sidled up alongside them, negotiating with the drivers. His street had become a swap meet for illegal substances.

It Could Happen to Them

Although the needs of the people we serve have become more intensive, one thing hasn’t necessarily changed. Ironically, they often still come from middle-class America.

By | Jul 16, 2015
Photo by The All Night-Images A movement to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour is sweeping the country.
By | Jul 12, 2015
Photo by Anthony Kelly Close your eyes.
By | Jun 22, 2015
It sounds adventurous, exotic, and even a bit thrilling.
By | Jun 9, 2015
The concept of quickly placing people who are homeless in permanent homes – rather than first moving them to shelters – has become the priority for almost every jurisdiction in America.
By | Jun 2, 2015
PATH was founded over 30 years ago and, for 19 of those years, I have been leading the agency.
By | May 28, 2015
Eight-year-old Andre loves having his friends over to hang out in his room after school.
By | May 13, 2015
The recent homeless count in Los Angeles revealed that homelessness increased by 16 percent from 2013 to the present; the unsheltered homeless population has nearly tripled.