Should Landowners Pay For Homeless Housing?

By | Aug 16, 2016

vermontsmallThe odds of making money by owning real estate is much better than playing the lottery. Just ask any lucky homeowner on the Westside of Los Angeles, or anywhere within San Francisco’s city limits. Read More »

You Are Not Anonymous

By | Aug 10, 2016 | Comments Off on You Are Not Anonymous

You are faceless. We walk by you very quickly, darting our glance away from you, intentionally not making eye contact. We don’t want to know what you look like. You might be sick, or dirty, or your appearance just might make us feel guilty.

Homeless College Students: Free Tuition? How About Free Housing?

The cost of higher tuition in America’s higher learning institutions is actually causing a more dramatic consequence on many of our country’s college students… more and more university students are going to bed hungry or are actually homeless.

By | Jul 19, 2016
Photo © Jim D’Aquilia/Momenta Workshops 2016.
By | May 10, 2016
In my tenure as the leader of a community based organization in Southern California, I have seen dozens of small agencies go out of business.
By | Apr 13, 2016
Photo by BKL This Presidential election season is one of the craziest, most unpredictable elections in American history.
By | Mar 30, 2016
Photo © Jim D’Aquilia/Momenta Workshops 2016.
By | Mar 24, 2016
Photo by Alex O’Neal For a couple of decades now, I’ve been fortunate enough to lead a community-based organization that serves and houses people who are homeless.
By | Mar 15, 2016
Paul stood at the 101 Freeway off-ramp, holding a cardboard sign that read, “Spare Change?” He was a veteran in our armed services who lived on our streets for ten years.
By | Feb 2, 2016
Photo by Karim Corban I remember a couple of decades ago helping people who were homeless was much easier.