More Racism, More Homelessness?

By | Sep 6, 2017
These images were taken on the Momenta Project Los Angeles 2016 workshop in Los Angeles, California. Photo © Jim D'Aquilia/Momenta Workshops 2016.

Jim D’Aquilia/Momenta Workshops 2016.

Is homelessness a product of racism in this country?

For those of us who have been working on the front lines of homelessness for years, we define root causes of homelessness in phrases like, “lack of affordable housing,” “a lack of resources,” “a broken social safety net.” Read More »

Ending Homelessness: The Wait is Killing Them

But it’s the slow pace of addressing homelessness in our country that is literally killing people who are dying on our streets. We should all feel the sense of urgency to fund solutions and end homelessness every single day, until it’s no longer an issue.

By | Jan 3, 2017
Photo by Liz Bois Five years ago, I wrote a blog piece wondering how our country would respond to homelessness if Donald Trump was elected President.
By | Dec 14, 2016
Photo by: Ismo There is a new Sheriff in town.
By | Nov 14, 2016
It doesn’t matter what month or week it is, there is some national awareness issue assigned to that time of the year.
By | Oct 22, 2016
Sally and her husband, and two kids, moved into their neighborhood on the west edge of Los Angeles County a handful of years ago.
By | Sep 9, 2016
PATH Villas at Del Rey, permanent supportive housing.
By | Aug 31, 2016
Joel John Roberts, PATH CEO Last week, I was at my umpteenth community meeting in order to promote a new building that would house people who experience homelessness.
By | Aug 16, 2016
The odds of making money by owning real estate is much better than playing the lottery.